Running is my mindfulness  – Getting Fit at Forty

So today I was asked about my spirituality, my beliefs in another force, being etc. Well truthfully I’m not sure I have any spiritual beliefs, I shy away from all thoughts of a third party driving me or indeed guiding me, I like to believe that I can summon enough strength by myself to deal…

Jessie Pavelka talks fighting fit

With so much emphasis on weight loss, diets and bikini beach ready body, internationally recognised fitness expert and trainer Jessie Pavelka suggests that focus should be placed on the emotional side of good health rather than the visual

So You Want to Start…Fitness Walking

  Starting a walking routine makes you the smartest person in the room because it’s one of the most rewarding lifelong activities you can choose. The benefits begin with your first step. As soon as leg muscles start to demand more oxygen, your body, mind and spirit improve instantly! OK, you’re already convinced, and are ready……

5 Workout Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore — Hello Healthy

  Profuse sweating, labored breathing, sore, burning muscles — all of these can signal a good workout. Yet there are some signs that your body can provide during exercise that you need to monitor so you work at the level that’s appropriate — and challenging enough — for your fitness level without risking an injury….