Running is my mindfulness  – Getting Fit at Forty

So today I was asked about my spirituality, my beliefs in another force, being etc. Well truthfully I’m not sure I have any spiritual beliefs, I shy away from all thoughts of a third party driving me or indeed guiding me, I like to believe that I can summon enough strength by myself to deal with my day.

I respect even envy others whose faith helps but these days I cannot acknowledge this in myself. As a teenager I dallied with faith, and I look back on my younger self and can smile at the simple naivety. Heady days!
Over the past few years I have had to find a way to deal with an increasing amount of anxiety which at times ate me up. I felt I had lost control of what was happening in my life panic and anxiety had become normal. I had to find a way to deal differently with life and gain some perspective.
As I got fitter through exercising with Sarah I decided to give running ago, it has now become a huge part of my life and is a great way to restore my equilibrium. During a run I can switch off and restore my batteries , I can run off the anxieties of the day and I can honestly say if you were to stop me half way through a run I could not tell you what I’ve been thinking about. Running is my mindfulness, so is that spiritual? Could be?
More than that being outside running gives me energy, going off road is sometimes joyous, there are some beautiful places so close to us and adore being part of them. My husband came to watch me trail run a few weeks ago and said he’d never seen somebody grin so much whilst running, apparently I even whooped when running down a hill.
So maybe I’ve found my thing, my chi or certainly part of it. Certainly for anyone having difficulty coping with stress and anxiety I would say give it a go? You don’t have to run, find what makes you tick, walk run or cycle, take a horse riding lesson or swim.

If you don’t have a lot of time don’t worry, getting outside for ten minutes exercise, something that makes you puff works. Not only will it burn some calories but that deep breath you’ve been struggling to take because of worry will come easier.

In turn you’ll sleep better and so begin to change that self-destructive pattern that I was certainly in.

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