I definitely need some guidance here – I’ve just totally confused myself with an overload of body image positivity – am I supposed to accept my size and love it unconditionally or am I supposed to be working on eating well, moving more and thinking well? I watched this video and it moved me to tears (not like balling my eyes out but I definitely teared up)

Watching it I felt quite uplifted and like “yeah I need to love myself more that’s what I need to do” so I did some research (well I googled obviously) with the intention of finding some great image and uplifting text to repost here on Happy Well Women and I got a little carried away, as you do 😏, watching vids and reading about Taryn Brumfitt and the Body Image Movement . Then I came across this negative article which  had me do a complete 360 against body positivity! It’s all so confusing …. wht do you think? i’d really appreciate some feedback 😀


read the full article here:  Why The Positive Body Image Movement Is Bad For Women

 “The positive body image movement is yet another dangerous fascination with women’s appearance and not women’s overall well-being. If our goal is simply to look in the mirror and be happy with what we see then maybe we have succeeded. Yet isn’t that setting the bar extremely low? How about changing the focus from our appearance to our capabilities, our intelligence, our productivity and our ability to connect and love? How often do we hear men discussing loving up their bodies and increasing their self-esteem while looking in the mirror?”


lisa caplin

Lisa Kaplin


Lisa Kaplin is a psychologist and life coach at Smart Women Inspired Lives. She helps women get happy, get motivated, and get moving in ways they hadn’t thought possible. Lisa is a professional speaker and blogger


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