How I Overcame Emotional Eating & Embraced Self-Love

“Women are nourished in so many more ways than food, although many of us have forgotten what truly makes us feel full.”

For years I abused food and my body because I believed that I wasn’t good enough as I am. That I had to be thinner, prettier, and smarter to be loved.

I wouldn’t let myself eat normally, which only perpetuated my idea that there wasn’t enough in my world—I literally didn’t give my body enough food.

And of course, restriction led me to binge, as it does for so many women.

If you find yourself stuffing food into your mouth to the point of discomfort and disliking your body’s shape, you are probably thinking that you don’t have enough of something, and that you are not enough as you are.

It was only through allowing myself to fully recognize the enough-ness in my life that I was able to stop my emotional eating habits. I was able to retrain myself to eat normally and learned to give myself enough of what I needed. Here’s how I did it:

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  1. Like! 🙂 I’ve written about the flip side of emotional eating too..using it to your advantage! Check it out.


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