7 Signs You Should Be Taking Better Care Of Yourself

I remember the time when I worked 32 days in a row—without a single moment to myself. Here I was, a wellness professional, and I was having a hard time making time for my own self-care.

To be totally honest, this isn’t too uncommon, wellness professional or not. Today, we’re digital. We’re on-the-go. We have devices we carry around with us that allow us to work 24/7 if we so choose. Work is always available.

And while this may seem like it’s great for our careers, it can hinder our mental mindset, our connection with ourselves, our creativity, and our performance. If we work around the clock, it’s pretty hard (if not impossible) to show up as our best selves. If we don’t recharge, we don’t allow ourselves to be in our full power.

While each of us is different, here are seven common signs that you need more self-care—and some tips on how to add that in:


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